Day 1

by rameshfernando

This is the third time I am entering this, twice my posts were deleted before I saved the,, this time I am using a Word processor (LibreOffice writer) instead of WordPress’ editor, because either I press a key or press load an image, and WordPress always destroys my posts. I really find the simple interface of Blogger so much easier. Not surprisingly having read what Google’s Larry Page said about what he really likes, good design (whatever his pompousness egotism, Steve Jobs was a genius going back to his audited or sit-in calligraphy class). Why was iPod such a big success even after creative Labs (remember them Soundblaster!) had MP3 player which was really good! I kept Just few buttons on a iPod and the wheel.

Trying to get access to WordPress and then realized it sends a e-mail message to confirm you are who you are in your e-mail so I figured that out. Overall, Blogger is much better interface and easier to use that WordPress on my first day.

I was using CodeAcademy, and it wounded let me continue when entering a function as in def spam:

eggs = 3 …. and I indented 4 spaces. It never accepted it, finally it did after about 20-30 times. probably a problem with replacing tabs with spaces, AJAX software and HTML 5 really suck as it’s too new. Better testing is needed before something new is introduced. KISS.


Oh and I did have a rant against closed source, with WordPress problems, still better than closed source Operating systems crashing. I used Adobe Flash in Microsoft Windows. Both crashed, one reason I am happy with Flash Pepper running on Google Chrome not crashing the OS, Ubuntu 14.10 just Chrome or sometimes not even Chrome but only the window/tab.

If you want to run a secure safe OS, use Linux my favourite is Ubuntu Linux with the excellent Unity interface(some hate it, I love it!)another great Ubuntu variant is Linux Mint with Cinnamon Interface a very beautiful, easy to use interface. Of course Canonical the company behind Ubuntu has some great versions of Ubuntu for servers, and I would recommend them, but if you want a industrial strength server and billion dollar company in revenue support, try Red Hat Linux (I also love Red Hat as it’s founder was Canadian!) and if you want the free as in beer as well as speech try their community version and or (is it still around), I think Centos is probably better than Fedora, from what I have heard like Ubuntu great support for various hardware. The reason I support both of these companies as they respond, in Red Hat’s case even with a personal response to check out their blog and twitter when you apply to one of their jobs, even if they don’t hire you. To me it shows class, if you are running a small company and don’t have the decency to respond with, “No I don’t think your skills set would fit with my company,” then it shows why you are a jerk and shouldn’t be running a company. If you treat job applicants like crap, you will probably treat customers like crap! Canonical and Red Hat are classy companies! I might add in fairness whenever I applied to Microsoft for a financial analyst position back in early and mid-2000s, they did respond back that I didn’t make the shortlist as they had better candidates. In SAS’ case, I never forget their local Ottawa director went out of his way to pass my resume around and try to find me a business analyst. I feel guilty for trashing SAS sometimes. Class of Microsoft, Red Hat, Canonical and SAS.


I was writing how I love math and science, thus I use or at least ran the Ubuntu 14.04 script to install it on Ubuntu 14.10 (I wouldn’t try it if you are faint of heart!). It has GNU Octave ( a Matlab clone and also for Windows and Apple Mac), R and Rstudio Geocabra and my favourite Mathematics software Sage (adios Wolfram’s overpriced proprietary Mathematica) which is on the cloud thanks to funding by the University of Washington, Google and American’s National Science Foundation, special thanks to all three, especially NSF which is forwarding it’s mission not only nationally but with Sage used throughout the world internationally. Kudos also to Prof. William Stein at University of Washington who has carried Sage all by himself and support from other profs like Prof. David Joyner at the USA’s Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, USA one who along with others wrote a great graph theory book

Math is so beautiful, it is art, I never understand why some people don’t like math. Please excuse religious tone, it is G%d’s great work, the beauty of nature, Richard Dawkins and Larry Krauss (who graduated from my alma mater Carleton) can’t deny that. I was so interested in math because of reading a book lend by my friend James, a computer engineer (a very smart guy) ( and also thanks to another old buddy of mine in high school and university, my old friend Miguel (last time I heard of him he was a DBA administrator somewhere?) for giving me a copy of Fractint( on MS-DOS 5.0 (remember that). Finally when it comes to Fractals, you have to remember Benoit Mandelbrot whose book, the excellent Fractals: Scaling…. I read while doing Principles of Investment from Carleton’s library.


Also I mentioned how even the spooks and governments support FLOSS(Free/Libre Open Source Software) and wow found Nicole Engard’s great list of Open Source software on delicious even my old employer, the Department of National Defence support FLOSS speaking of spooks, I was reading Robert X. Cringley’s web site

but Seth Lloyd’s paper “Quantum algorithms for supervised and unsupervised machine learning” note the quote in the paper “Quantum machine learningalso provides advantages in terms of privacy: the data base itself is of size O(M N ), but theowner of the data base supplies only O(log M N )”! Google and USA Department of Defence (Pentagon)’s DARPA funded Prof. Lloyd’s research!